Console’s New Feature ‘Verify’: Distribute Discord Roles via Wallet Verification

For NFT Creators

After installing our bot on your server, navigate to the ‘Verify’ tab on the left-hand panel.

  • Coffee with sugar— minimum 1 NFT
  • Donut —minimum 5 NFTs
  • English Breakfast —minimum 10 NFTs
  • Chicken & Waffles — minimum 50 NFTs

For NFT Holders

NFT Holders: Make sure to ask your admins if they have enabled “Verify” and if they’ve created roles.

Console Services

In the coming weeks, our development team will be working to add more updates to ‘Verify’ to make it more robust. In addition, our Discord bot also offers the ability for NFT creators to track mint events, provide OpenSea data, and allow NFT holders to check rarity data. For more information about Console, visit



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