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NFT Terminal updating in real-time

The New York Stock Exchange recently filed trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to register their name for several blockchain-related businesses, including NFTs. (source: Cointelegraph) The overall growth of blockchain and the rapid growth of NFTs call for new tools and media to help people navigate this new space. At NFT Terminal, we’re doing this by providing a real-time data analytics platform for NFTs.

In this article, we’ll be going over the various live feeds available at NFT Terminal and how they can be used.

Notables, Sales, Mints, Transfers

Our live feeds are divided into four categories: “Notables,” “Sales,” “Mints,” and “Transfers.” Each feed provides unique insight into a specific transaction type happening in real-time. We hope that visitors find our live feed useful and integrate us into their research process. We’ll be releasing updates like our collections wish list, more whale and influencer wallets, and other features to improve the functionality of our platform.


We curate, track, and analyze 872 wallets that hold a substantial collection of NFTs. We call these wallets whales and influencers. If you want to know more about crytpo and NFT whales, visit the link below.

Notables Features

Our “Notables” feed provides the following information regarding the wallets we track.

  • What was traded? We provide the name of the NFT collection and token ID or a list of IDs if it is a bundled transaction.
  • Who traded it? We give the wallet addresses of the sender and the recipient.
  • What kind of transaction was it? We label whale and influencer transactions by type: transaction can either be a “buy,” “sell,” “transfer*,” or “airdrop.”
  • Any other information? When applicable, we provide the price in ETH.
  • Anything else? We provide links to OpenSea if the NFT is listed there and a link to Etherscan for people to see the transaction itself.

So why should I track “Notables?” We believe speed and information is king to be successful in maintaining one’s NFT collection. We see “Notables” as a place for collectors to monitor what the major NFT holders are doing with their collection.

*Currently, “transfers” include regular transfers between wallets as well as staking. We’re working on updates to eventually separate staking from transfers, but for now, they are not categorized under “transfers.”

Sales, Mints, and Transfers

The remaining tabs on our platform provide real-time transactions filtered by type: sales, mints, and transfer events. Here’s a short breakdown of what type of information you can expect.

  • What information is in the “Sales” tab? We provide the collection name, sale price in ETH and USD, and a link to the transaction. Also for bundled sales, we group them into one block with additional links to OpenSea.
  • What information is in the “Mints” tab? We provide the collection name, the average mint price (in ETH and USD), average cost of gas (gwei), and links to the transaction and the project on OpenSea.
  • What information is in the “Transfers” tab? We provide the collection name and token ID, wallet addresses (sender and recipient), and links to the transaction and the project on OpenSea.

In the coming weeks, we‘ll be fine-tuning our feeds and will be adding new features to make our platform more robust. We also hope to include more NFT marketplaces in the future.

“Live feed on” vs. “Live feed paused on hover”

Having a live feed is great, but sometimes we want to take a closer look at the events happening in our feed. If you find something interesting like a massive bundle sale or a string of mints, you can move your cursor (see below) to pause our live feed.

Real-time updates pause when you move your cursor or scroll.

Most Active Wallets, Sales, Mints, and Transfers

We have contextual panels that display rankings on the right-hand side when you visit our site on desktop and above our feed when you visit our mobile site (mobile views displayed below). These are here to show users intervals of 1-, 4-, 12-hour rankings . We track the following based on the tab you’ve selected.

  • Notables: We display three rankings: most minted, most bought, and most sold collections by our 872 tracked wallets
  • Sales: We display “most active sales” by collection and display the total sales amount in the selected period and average sale price.
  • Mint: We display the most active mints by the total number of mints and provide the average gas price.
  • Transfers: We rank the most active transfers by the total number of transfers.
“Most Active Sales” and “Trending” expanded view

We’ll be working internally to add more features and fine-tune our ranking system. In addition, we’ll be posting weekly rankings on our Twitter account may do some analysis via our Medium in the coming weeks.

Follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date news regarding NFT Terminal or NFTs in general. We’re also planning an NFT giveaway soon, so stay tuned.




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