Introducing “Discover” and “Collections”

We’re happy to announce a new update to our site, NFT Terminal. In version 1.1, we’ve added the following features:

  • Discover–a page with NFT collection recommendations and trends

In this article, we’ll cover how site visitors can use these new features.


“Discover” features various NFT collections grouped in several categories. In version 1.1, some content will update daily while other sections will update weekly. (Typically, we refresh our data at midnight UTC.)

All sections of NFT Terminal will feature a header with a search bar where users can search by collection or NFT ID. The header still features a gas tracker that displays gwei in real-time. Lastly, users can switch between a dark mode UI (the default) and a light mode UI.


NFT Terminal’s staff handpicks NFT collections for the main banner section. The staff selects collections that have made waves in the NFT space in either OpenSea, Looks Rare, Twitter, etc.


In this section, we automatically sort upcoming NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain by most upcoming to least upcoming. The staff has amassed a vast list of projects that have announced their listing via popular listing sites, Twitter, or other social media platforms.We’re always in search of new upcoming projects and will be preparing a listing form for creators who wish to be featured in “Upcoming.”

Trending: 24-hour & 7-day Volume

In NFT Terminal’s “Trending” section, NFT collections are ranked by volume in two time intervals: 24-hour volume and 7-day volume. NFT Terminal takes on-chain data and parses it everyday at 12:00 a.m. UTC or 8:00 p.m. EST. In future iterations of “Discover,” the development team plans on utilizing the on-chain data to provide more insights for NFT buyers and traders.

Curated Collections

Handpicked by our editors, this section features a curated list of NFT collections based on a theme. For version 1.1’s launch, the staff has selected the following collection themes: women-led NFT projects and anime-inspired ones. This section will update two to four times a month.

Live Feed

“Discover” features a truncated version of “Live Feed” on the right panel (desktop version only). This section will feature the same categories found in “Live Feed”: “Notables,” “Sales,” “Mints,” and “Transfers.”


All collections listed in “Discover” or “Live Feed” link to a detailed page that lists a collection’s NFTs and rarity information. We utilize information readily available in a collection’s smart contract to provide these details.

Each “Collection” page displays a collection’s NFTs with relevant market data.

The collection can be sorted by …

  • Price: low to high

In addition, users can refresh a collection’s market and rarity data–the last time the collection has been updated is displayed next to the refresh button.

At the top of the page, we display basic stats and tags associated with the collection. If available, the page will display the collection’s market cap, volume, and floor price. Tags will include the blockchain associated with the collection’s smart contract, the number of NFTs held by Terminal’s “Notables,” and basic social media follower metrics. On the top-right corner, we display relevant links to a collection’s website, Twitter account, Discord channel, and Etherscan contract address.

NFT Terminal’s “Collection” page also includes a filter panel, which is closed by default. Users can filter by price, rarity score, and various properties determined by a collection’s smart contract.

We’ll be working internally to add more features and fine-tune our platform. We’ll also be posting weekly rankings on our Twitter account and may have an NFT giveaway soon, so stay tuned.

For the full press release, please download our media kit via Google Drive (link below).



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