Introducing OG Studio, A Suite of Tools for NFT Creators

4 min readJul 5, 2022


OG Studio

OG is proud to announce the launch of OG Studio, a new platform for creators to plan, manage, and market their NFT collections. We would have never thought our Discord bot would expand this quickly into what it is today and are grateful to the community for helping us grow in the web3 space.

In this article, we’ll be detailing what creators can do in OG. We’ll also be pointing out how our current creators can migrate to OG Studio. Lastly, we’ll be making some announcements about future updates.


  • Creators will be able to log into Studio by visiting and connecting their wallets.
  • Creators can manage workspaces, a place to manage collections and invite members, or collaborators.
  • Verifying a collection smart contract offers access to OG Studio’s suite of tools, including a mint event tracker, role verifier, OpenSea data, and more.

Staying true to the spirit of web3, creators will now be able to create accounts by connecting their wallets.

OG Studio Wallet Connect
OG Studio | Connect Wallet

Currently, we support MetaMask and WalletConnect. In the future, we hope to offer Coinbase Wallet and other types of wallets.

After logging into OG Studio, you will be able to create your first workspace and add your first collection. A workspace is a place for NFT creators to get access to OG Studio’s Discord bot, invite members, and manage their NFT collections.

OG Studio Workspaces
OG Studio | Workspaces

To access all the features available on OG Studio, verify your collection’s smart contract.

OG Studio settings
OG Studio | Smart Contract Verification

You can also skip verification, which will allow you to access OG Studio’s gas tracker and ‘Upcoming’ listing form, an application to be featured on OG’s front page. Verifying your smart contract will unlock the following features:

  • Real-time mint event tracking
  • Role verification by number and trait
  • Rarity data
  • OpenSea sales data
  • Collection stats like trading volume & floor
  • Allowlist (coming soon)

After verifying your contract, you can easily manage your features from one dashboard under ‘Discord Bot.’

OG Studio Discord bot settings
OG Studio | Discord Bot Settings

We’ve also integrated a user guide in our site so that creators can easily set up the different features we offer. Learn how to set up our mint event tracker, for example, or create roles for your community members in Discord.

OG Studio Discord bot user guide
OG Studio | User Guide

Creators can now add members to their workspaces. Navigate to ‘Settings’ to invite members to collaborate on your NFT collection. Invite members by adding their wallet addresses and manage their permissions between ‘Editor’ or ‘Viewer.’

For a full installation guide, visit our GitBook to learn how to sign up for OG Studio, add our bot, and verify your smart contract.

OG Studio Gitbook
OG | GitBook

Although we just launched, we’ll be releasing new features in the coming weeks. One of the major releases we are planning is an allowlist, which will provide NFT creators the ability to collect wallet addresses prior to a mint event. We hope this feature will help NFT communities avoid high gas fees when they do their mint events.

That’s it for now! As with any launch, we’ll be troubleshooting bugs and refining our service. If you run into any errors or have any questions shoot us an email at, or DM us on Twitter or Discord.

We’ll be working internally to add more features and fine-tune OG( We’ll also be posting weekly rankings via Twitter and may have an NFT giveaway soon, so stay tuned!




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