Introducing OG Studio, A Suite of Tools for NFT Creators

OG Studio


  • Creators will be able to log into Studio by visiting and connecting their wallets.
  • Creators can manage workspaces, a place to manage collections and invite members, or collaborators.
  • Verifying a collection smart contract offers access to OG Studio’s suite of tools, including a mint event tracker, role verifier, OpenSea data, and more.
OG Studio Wallet Connect
OG Studio | Connect Wallet
OG Studio Workspaces
OG Studio | Workspaces
OG Studio settings
OG Studio | Smart Contract Verification
  • Real-time mint event tracking
  • Role verification by number and trait
  • Rarity data
  • OpenSea sales data
  • Collection stats like trading volume & floor
  • Allowlist (coming soon)
OG Studio Discord bot settings
OG Studio | Discord Bot Settings
OG Studio Discord bot user guide
OG Studio | User Guide
OG Studio Gitbook
OG | GitBook



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