We’re Rebranding As OG to Focus on Building a Web3 Infrastructure for NFT Collectors, Traders, and Creators.

We’re rebranding as OG (og.xyz) to better align with our growing community of NFT collectors, traders, and creators. We’re also proud to announce the launch of OG Studio, a platform for NFT creators that includes our Discord bot, a new analytics dashboard, and a listing service for upcoming mints.

We believed there was a need for us to adapt to better serve our expanding community of NFT creators, collectors, and traders. In addition to improving the data analytics services that are already provided, we plan on creating more Web3 learning resources for our community to help them be better equipped collectors and creators. In addition to learning resources, we will focus more on reporting NFT trends so that our community members can get early access to future bluechip NFT collections. Lastly, our developers have been creating filters that use a proprietary machine learning algorithm to help community members distinguish between legitimate projects and ‘rug pulls,’ or scams.

In addition to some new features, we’ve updated some of our services provided previously in NFT Terminal. The ‘Discover’ section will include more data for trending projects and we are going to roll out updates throughout the month of June. We plan on adding social metrics (like Discord and Twitter follower counts) to our ‘Upcoming’ section, and will expand the section to include a dashboard so that potential NFT collectors can research collections without having to do their own due diligence. We will also be expanding our ‘Collection’ section by offering visualized analytics, which include but are not limited to floor price over time, trading volume over time, and more.

We’re also launching OG Studio, a platform for NFT creators accessible at og.xyz. NFT project managers can create and edit collections displayed on our website. In addition to managing collections, OG Studio also includes the ability to add members to a collection, list an upcoming collection for promotions, and access our Discord bot. Future updates include an allowlist, which we hope will help creators avoid potential gas wars during their mint events.

Moving forward, we plan on providing more updates that will improve the overall experience for our growing community of NFT collectors, traders, and creators. Future iterations will focus mainly on building an infrastructure for the NFT ecosystem and expanding support to other blockchains.

We’ll be working internally to add more features and fine-tune OG(og.xyz). We’ll also be posting weekly rankings via Twitter and may have an NFT giveaway soon, so stay tuned!



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